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This is a collection of facts and folklore about the Zwieback family name. I hope to use this web site to present how this family name came about and how the name-bearers kept the name going. Current emphasis is on European data prior to the Holocaust.

I hope to keep this web site current with new information added as it comes to me. Therefore, I encourage anyone with information that can be added to this web site to send it to me via e-mail as shown at the end of this page.

The book "Jewish Family Names and Their Origins", by Guggenheimer, 1992, lists Zwibak, Zwiback, Zwieback, meaning "biscuit", translated into Czech/Russian as Suchar. Variants are Zweiback, Zwibach, Zuieback, and Zwiebach.

A Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex search show, for the same Soundex code as ZWIEBACK, Tsvybak and Tsvibak , listed in the "Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire", and Cwajbak, Cwejbach, Cwejbak, and Cwibak , listed in the "Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Kingdom of Poland".

Zwieback means Rusk or Twice-Baked Bread in German, and a Nabisco bakery product is still sold using this name.. Nabisco provided information that the National Biscuit Company bought the Anger Bakery in NYC in 1898. Nabisco said that the Anger brothers had been making Zwieback biscuits since the 1880ís. From the web, it was found that during the American Civil War, a government supplies list, dated 1863, described food supplies that included Zwieback.

Zwieback Brothers, NagyKanizsa, 1903
Zwieback Brothers, NagyKanizsa, 1903

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In general, filmed Records of the Mormon Family History Library, Henry Wellisch in Toronto, Wolf-Erich Eckstein and Christoph Libisch in Vienna, and Joachim Zirner in Leverkusen, Germany contributed much information.

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